The World of Takeuchi Mitsuhito's Art: Supernatural Miniaturized and Enlarged World

      Mitsuhito Takeuchi has a special view of the world, dreams of micro and macro realism that cannot be perceived with ordinary vision. He passes back and forth between these extremely different places, where it is difficult to imagine what might exist, as he pushes his artistic expression to the farthest possible limit. To him the earth is a narrow space. He takes the entire universe as his subject or probes inside the microcosmos of the human body, looking at things that cannot be observed without a microscope. What does he find there? Ordinary imagination, which has to rely on experience, founders in the phenomenal world and cannot make the leap beyond it. Takeuchi, however, is led by a kind of supernatural inspiration that transcends imagination, making it possible to travel to the smallest and the largest possible realms, creating a completely new visual experience. His original artistic approach, which brings together the macroscopic and microscopic, can only be expressed by the word "creation." The harmonious relationship created between the unlimited, unbounded universe and the microcosm of the human body is amazing in and of itself. Takeuchi's artistic thinking seems to result from a mysterious contact with the creative order linking the great world of nature to the larger universe?
      His recent works provide an opportunity to encounter supernatural phenomena. They suggest the reception of some kind of message from the universe, the source of all life energy. The microscopic images, like views deep into the inner structures of the body, brilliantly evoke a mysterious realm that we cannot ordinarily perceive in the phenomenal world. Takeuchi's mysterious world takes the form of pure obedience to the ineffable energy of the universe that cannot be understood with the limited intellectual capability of human beings. He depicts a supernatural world with beautiful images that have the appearance of real physical phenomena, a world that is even beyond the boundaries of the biological sciences, revealing the nature of the cycle of life.
      Since ancient times, artists have taken the role of mediums or shamans, mediating between the cosmic or supernatural world and the human world. Artistic inspiration comes when the artist is in the sort of ecstatic state of mind experienced by the shaman. Takeuchi shows us a microscopic and macroscopic world that results from intuitive insights into the universe. With an artistic sensibility rare in the Japanese art world, he has produced works of magnificent formal beauty based on arich imagination, showing a world that cannot be reached by human vision and perception. What is the source of this energy? The artist seems to have access to a circuit of perception that makes it possible to communicate with the outside world and to receive creative inspiration of a spiritual nature.

    Shin Hangseop, art critic

    ─ 超自然的な極微、極大化の世界 ─


    申 恒燮(美術評論家)